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Ultimate Focus

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Ultimate Focus

Introducing Ultimate Focus, your sophisticated and intuitive session-based timer application, designed to optimize your time management skillfully and elegantly.
It encourages you to reflect after each focus session, offering insights that guide you in refining your future focus management.
With iCloud synchronization, Ultimate Focus is accessible, manageable, and synchronizable anywhere, anytime.
Harness the power of the Pomodoro Technique, elegantly designed within the app, to strike the optimal balance between focus and relaxation periods, ensuring you sustain peak productivity.
Despite adhering to minimalism, Ultimate Focus is rich in customization with over 70 distinct themes, letting you tailor the app according to your individual tastes.


- Set your focus time effortlessly with a simple finger-drag.
- Remain informed of remaining time with our intuitive pie-chart.
- Select from a wide array of over 70 color themes to design your preferred interface.
- Opt for your ideal alarm sound from our diverse library (premium plan).
- Choose the background music that complements your taste from our expansive collection (premium plan).
- With iCloud synchronization, you can view and modify your focus record on other devices, ensuring seamless continuity (premium plan).
- Utilize widgets to monitor your focus stats on the Home screen.
- Customize your app icon to match the color theme of your choice.
- Manage your focus efficiently by creating a new session for each task.
- The Statistics window offers an immediate overview of your recent focus.
- After each focus session, jot down your task using the retrospect function for future reference.
- Retrospects are easily accessible through the retrospect window and support modification and deletion.
- Utilize the Splitview feature for simultaneous viewing of timer and other apps (for iPad).
- Maximize productivity with Pomodoro mode, alternating between focused work and rejuvenating break.
- You can synchronize the focus history with calendar app

If you encounter any issues, have queries, or spot a bug during your use of the app, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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Jung Min Seok