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uKS Tennis

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uKS Tennis

With uKeepScore Tennis you can keep score of a tennis match in 2 ways:
1 - wear your Apple Watch during the game (just like you would when running), and tap on either your or your opponents score, or
2 - on your iOS device.
The app is built smart, so that you only have to set some settings prior to the game, like who serves first, are you playing a single, 3, or a 5 set game, what color do you want the scores to be, the name of the club, city, country and name of the players, and you're ready to go. With single taps the system determines who serves, what the scores are, etc. Even tie breaks, deuce and advantage points are handled automatically.
And the best thing is, you're not only keeping score for yourself, but within the app, you can follow another match, or by using the companion app 'uKS Tennis Viewer' others can follow it as well, wherever they are.

Ever forgot the score or who is serving dring your game? Use the Apple Watch to show you instantly. Even if the scoring is being done by someone else, you can instantly see the synced score on your watch.

Tell your friends and family about your match by sharing the information with them through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Mail, Twitter, etc, and provide them with a link to the companion software and the name of your match so they can follow the score live online through their iOS device. Or put an iPad in the clubhouse during a tournament so people can see the scoreboard as they're watching your match.
CJS Reichgelt