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UK Food Hygiene Ratings

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UK Food Hygiene Ratings

Have you ever gone out to eat and seen that sicker in the window that says this place received 5 out of 5 for food hygiene? Thats great! but it (currently) isn’t the law in most of the UK to display food hygiene ratings, so you could be eating out in a place with a rating of 1 and never know about it!

Businesses like restaurants, takeaways, cafes or bars aren't going to brag about getting a rating of 1 and display the hygiene rating like those who score a 5.

UK Food Hygiene helps you make decisions about the places you eat by giving you fast easy access to the Food Standards Agency rating information.

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The app features:
• Live information from the FSA for the whole of the UK.
• Supports the FHRS Scheme in England, Wales & NI and the FHIS Scheme in Scotland
• Notification centre widget for fast access to the information.
• Great in app search options to pin point what you looking for.
• Free app lets you see the first 19 results in notification centre and unlimited results in the actual app.
• Social media sharing.
• Local authority statistics & charts to (no other hygiene app in the app store shows this information)
• Customer Reviews and ratings where available
• Favourites list which is auto checked for updates and alerts you via a notification.
• Recall and Allergy notifications from the FSA, get a notification when a new recall or allergy notice is issued by the FSA.

The widget for notification centre will show you the ratings of the businesses closest to your current location, so there is no need to go into the app find where you are and perform a search, you can simply pull down the notification centre and see the caffe your about to go into is a go ahead 5 or i’d give it a miss 1.

The app it’s self lets you perform more detailed searches by using any of the following criteria.
• Business Name
• Street, Town, Post Code or your current location
• Business Type
• Local Authority
• Rating

You can also post results to Facebook and Twitter, get directions to the business and search for more information on google or yelp.

The app shows the 0,1,2,3,4,5 ratings for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Pass, Pass Eat Safe and Improvement required ratings for Scotland.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

All information is provided by the live data feed from the Food Standards Agency.
If you find any issues with the data please contact the relevant local authority. For more information visit or
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