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Stream, Play, Motivate.

UBQFIT is an interactive social wellness+fitness community of Trainers and Trainees that come together virtually for collaborative workouts, wellness pursuits and playful gamified interactions through diversified features, competitive rankings and ongoing motivational rewards.

Join in and invite your co-workers, friends and family. UBQFIT is more fun together.

Features and Functions:
- Live 1-on-1 or group session OR... if not feeling up to a live experience, then do the game workout.
- Invite friends and your favorite Trainers to come and train with you...or compete with you.
- Book a 1-on-1 private session... OR a social session, where viewers engage and even give you a tip.
- Compete, play and watch your scores fly on the screen as you motivate and inspire your friends.
- Get rewarded for performance based on body scans and data driven results.
- UBQFIT is integrated with Apple Watch to provide everyone with fitness data on the screen while in training sessions!

Trainees - get more for less! Get interactive, gamified, fun, wellness+fitness.
- Workout is PLAY at UBQFIT. Play the game, get points, save your points, create your personal leaderboard with friends and family and support each other to achieve your goals each month.
- Book a live, interactive session with a Trainer in the category of your choosing.
- Attend a class session with other Trainees and see yourself on the leaderboard.
- Choose the social mode for your 1-1 live Training sessions and have viewers tip and support you while you workout.
- AND more...

Trainers - give your Trainees everything they need on one platform. They never have to leave.
- Interactive and live 1-1 sessions with data from Trainee’s Apple Watch on the screen.
- Social group live sessions with a leader board that require no Watch or equipment to calculate activity score for each Trainee on the leaderboard. Motivate the class by pushing them to enhance their position on the board.
- Have your committed Trainees subscribe to your personal channel where they get access to your exclusive content.
- Upload your own music for your classes and 1-1 sessions.
- Best of all, set YOUR pricing for everything.

UBQFIT integrate with the health app (HealthKit) to read the Heart Rate, Calories and Steps during workout session.