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Ever wondered how do perform incredible prediction effects on your mobile phone?

Introducing U.P.S (Ultimate Prediction System), this is the ultimate way to peek/predict/reveal info from all of your favourite magic apps such as Inject, WikiTest, CubeSmith, TAP etc in a variety of different ways such as a fake homescreen peek or inside a fake notes app, there are over 17 different modes/sub apps available!

Every mode is highly customisable and versatile with tons of settings, by simply downloading this free app you get access to a 2+ hour instructional video course going over all of the modes so you can learn about the modes before you buy :)

There are a lot of modes that works with other magic apps but there are also ways to perform this app completely standalone, these ways are taught on the instructional video course.

An internet connection is required for parts of this app.

This app is for entertainment purposes only!

All TV Broadcasts of any mode inside U.P.S is reserved, please contact me privately if you wish to perform this on TV

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