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Tyro Puzzle

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Tyro Puzzle

Simple and fun !!!

Tyro Puzzle is your classic 3 x 3 puzzle solitaire game redesigned for the Apple Watch.

The goal of the game is to arrange the pieces to their original state by sliding the tiles into the empty space.

With six (6) different themes and four (4) backgrounds for the Classic theme, you can enjoy pictures of exotic tropical flora and fauna among which are, a beautiful Epidendra, a Lichen that will challenge your perception skills, turning your game into a different experience.

Play it on your iPhone and connect it to your new Apple Watch.

Dare yourself and try to solve it in the fewest movements each time you play.

All photographs used in this application are copyright by their respective owners and are used under license.
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Please make a backup of your old Tyro Puzzle App for your old devices.
Ciro A. Millan P.