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Tydom HD

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Tydom HD

With the application TYDOM HD of Delta Dore, you control the home automation and multimedia of your connected home.

An application for Smartphone/Iphone fully customisable
Integrate pictures or videos of your interior and directly touch the equipment you want to control. With the photo realism and video realism, your interior comes alive.
You create your own unbounded controls and life scenarios.

An application for controlling multi-branded equipments
Television, Home Cinema, video doorman, IP camera, alarm, heating, lighting... the application allows you to visualize, control your home and receive alerts wherever you are. 100% scalable, you can install new connected devices and control them from your application.

Install the application on your tablet and access the demo mode to preview features.

To function, the application requires the installation of a home automation box TYDOM 3.0, no subscription, and products using X3D, KNX or RTS protocol. Visit to find a recommended installer

Continued use of GPS running in the background used for the geolocation feature can dramatically decrease battery life.
Delta Dore