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Two Stroke Mix Calculator

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Two Stroke Mix Calculator

Mix and manage your fuel. Keep your motors running right.

Stale fuel is the number one killer of small engines, take the guess work out of mixing and storing your fuel with the 2 stroke mix app.

Choose “Random Mix” for a one off batch of premix two stroke, select your Fuel:Oil ratio and how much fuel you would like to mix and the app will tell you exactly how much oil to add.

No more struggling to remember what ratio you should be using and when you last mixed, create a named profile for each of the containers you regularly use to store this information.

Set your own expiry duration within each profile and track how old each batch is (you can even store the expiry for straight fuel).

Suitable for all types of petrol equipment, boats, mowers, blowers, whipper snippers, trimmers, motorbikes, dirt bikes, outboard motors and gardening equipment.

With iCloud sync, your container profiles are automatically backed up and shared across your devices (iPhone and Apple Watch).

Full support for the new Light and Dark modes in iOS as well as metric Litres/Millilitres and US Gallons/Fluid ounces.

Mix batches of fuel with your watch, all data is synchronised with the phone app via iCloud.
Peter Leahy