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Twinkl Symbols

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Twinkl Symbols

Twinkl Symbols - Create, teach, learn & communicate using a fantastic set of teacher-led symbols and board templates from the world’s largest educational publisher, Twinkl.

+ 1500+ teacher-led, professionally designed and illustrated symbols. Categorised, searchable and already covering core and popular topics but growing daily and updated at regular intervals.
> Now available in B&W!
> Symbol Request Form

+ Symbol Workshop - an area to create your own symbols!

> Search through 150,000+ Twinkl Illustrations
> Import your own photos from your camera roll

+ Share/Save/Print your boards and symbols in the app.

+ Symbol Mode for free communication and symbol browsing.

+ Text-To-Speech (TTS) brings text alive with device native audio and customisable voices (works fully offline).

+ A timer mode designed to facilitate practising waiting.

+ Favourite symbols for quick access to your commonly used symbols.

+ Button Mode - an area to create customisable buttons that allow you to play a phrase or record and play your own voice recordings.

+ A huge range of teacher-led, customisable board templates and samples for use in a variety of educational settings, including:
* Flashcards and Communication Cards
* Now and Next and Sequences
* Timetables and Planners
* Rewards and Targets
* Task Schedules and Debriefs
* Choice Boards
* Picture and Word Banks

+ Replace default text labels to apply your own custom text labels to each symbol, and board template labels/headings.

+ Optionally apply colourful semantics or custom styling to each symbol as it is added to your board.

+ Board lock feature to prevent changes and exiting back to the main menu.

+ Settings area to customise the app to your needs, now separated into 6 template categories:
* Board Settings - Customise your boards, changing the background colour, symbol text position (above/below image) and turn the symbol sounds on/off.
* Timer Settings - Customise the timer, changing the background/symbol reveal colour or enable/disable the alarm and/or symbol reveal.
* Voice Settings - Customise the text to speech voice by changing the pitch/rate and gender, including the option to enable/disable the voice.
* Parent Settings - Customise the parent settings by toggling them on/off.
* Symbol Settings - Change the capitalisation for all of the symbol names either setting the entire name to be lowercase or only capitalising the first letter.
* Accessibility Settings - Are you struggling to run the app on your device? Try turning off app animations or turning on power saver mode for a better app experience!

Twinkl Symbols is currently offered to you for free use, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas for future development.

This app is designed to assist and support, not replicate or replace, the specialist skills and services offered by the SEN, teaching, speech therapist / SLP, AAC, medical & other associated professions and end-to-end services.

For more help, information and to contribute feedback and ideas please see the in-app help area or go to: or email: [email protected]

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