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Twilight Dice | TTRPG Roller

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Twilight Dice | TTRPG Roller

Twilight Dice is a companion app for game night for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.

Roll and create a unique dice bag for your games and sync them across Apple devices with iCloud.

Roll a die. Modify it. Roll again and add them up. When your turn is over, simply swipe down to clear. A minimal interface with a few elegant features means Twilight Dice plays nice with the rulesets, resources, and gaming environments you love most.

With SplitView (iPad), SlideOver (iPad), and Stage Manager (iPad) Twilight Dice shares your screen space with your GM notes, your character sheet, or your virtual game table of choice.

Roll quickly on your favorite die on your wrist with the Twilight Dice Apple Watch app and complications.

* Roll and modify multiple d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 dice
* Roll Fate Dice
* Roll large pools of dice
* Custom Haptics per die
* Save Custom Rolls and Custom Dice
* Reroll, increase, decrease, lock, or explode individual or groups of dice.
* Shake to reroll
* Quickly take action through iOS gestures
* View results as an equation or distribution
* Edit and Re-order dice
* Multitasking with SplitView, SlideOver, and Stage Manager
* iOS 17 Interactive Widgets and Complications for Re-rolling and Quick Rolling
* Copy Result to clipboard
* Drag and Drop clipboard icon to drop result to another app on iPad

Customize Twilight Dice with Dark and Light themes or match your device settings.

Quickly roll your favorite dice with widgets or lock screen with complications. Or view and reroll your last roll.
Kevin Danielson