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Twicast, the Twitter Reader, lets you listen to your Twitter timeline wherever you are, and whatever you are busy doing. It lets you play and pause the timeline narration, navigate between the tweets, listen to certain accounts and save them as favourites, listen to your twitter lists, besides listening to tweets from search results and hashtags.

With the newscast feature, you can listen to news accounts, narrated in a way similar to radio newscast. With a list of accounts suggested by Twicast, and you can as well search, play, and add news and regular Twitter accounts to your favourites to play them later.

Either you are driving home, doing your daily run, or cooking a meal for the kids, you can listen to your tweets using Twicast tweets reader with your hands free, with the tweets shown each in a separate page, to be able to have a quick peek while listening easily and quickly.

With Apple Watch support, you can do more with your hands free. With the tweets and news on your wrist, you can check them and have a quick peek on a tweet while listening to it on your iPhone, doing other things with your phone in your pocket.
Ahmed Abdel-Hamid