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Tweak Presentation

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Tweak Presentation

With memory triggers in a timeline, you can improve a speech, a talk, or any other planned presentation.
You’ll only need your phone to set up your presentation timeline and memory triggers, and your smartwatch to practice your presentation, minimizing distractions.


When adding your presentation, you inform the time limit and the app provides an editable timeline within that time box.


Add events to the timeline. Events are moments when you want to be reminded of something during your presentation training wearing your Apple Watch. The events usually mark the shift between topics or some interaction with the audience. You can reorganize the order of the existing events.


For each event, you can define a memory trigger, like keywords, that will appear on your Watch according to the timeline. It will help you remember to do or say something important.


When you start a practice on your watch, the app displays a timer according to the presentation timeline. To help you be aware of your remaining time, the timer changes color to orange when you're running out of time and red to indicate the time is up.


While practicing your presentation with your Apple Watch, you will receive haptic feedback to alert you about events and time limits. This way, you can tweak your time management without checking your Watch randomly.


According to your system preferences, the app adapts its appearance mode to the one you prefer.
Agatha Freitas