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Wanted: Shaped as you want.

Got a minute ? Because You will need it.


DO as millions of other happy people - exercise, and use Tushify!

DO it in the way it matters most - a FEW SECONDS per day, when you can spare it!

FOCUS on the area where You can make the most difference!

Tushify aim to take away the hassle from finding time to exercise at gyms and changing to an extra set of clothes.

With Tushify, You literally just spend a few seconds to tone your gluteus maximus, wherever you are and in the process burn the most energy, tone your butt, improve health and get maximized effect!

Whether you want to
- do the 30-day Squat challenge
- get in Shape for the summer
- get a perfectly sculpted rear
- add an extra intensity to your gym program
- just find time to do quick exercises that give the most benefit

- Tushify will help you to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

The key to get benefit from any exercise, is to DO them, and DO THEM OFTEN.

Tushify is
- intuitive
- EASY to setup
- easy to track progress with AUTOMATIC counting of reps
- has a "set-and-forget" scheduler that increase your sets based on progress - if you want.

** UPDATE ** Since so many of our testers loved the exercise and wanted to have more, we will add on with more exercises with the same concept that will maximize benefits anywhere and only a few minutes at a time!

We are in contact with some of the health stars out on the internet and are looking to put together health packages of varying intensity and taste.

We would love to do an expose and health package as we have provided referenced images to the inspirational Mrs Jada Pinket Smith , from her article in Shape :-

What do you get :
- An App that makes it super-simple for you to do Squats wherever you are
- Works with both iPhone and Watch
- Automatic suggested counting and keep track of progress
- Super simple scheduler with snooze functionality
- Amazing inspirational feedback - such as "You have today done in total 140 Squats. That is the same as lifting 4,5 Elephants !!"

* Using the application can burn n excessive amount of energy and cause a lot of stress to your body. Exercises can be dangerous.Please consult with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity.
* Automatic counting are based on the sensors in the device and the movement done and as such are not always accurate.
* Application is provided "as-is" and there is no guarantee of positive results.
Xenovate AB