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Tunturi Routes

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Tunturi Routes

Bring back the fun in your cardio workout with Tunturi Routes! Cycle, cross, run and row across the world with the help of thousands of videos. Start today and turn your workout into a new, visual and immersive experience.

Tunturi Routes the only fitness app with user generated video content, that always gives you access to 15 videos for free.

Whether you use the free version or purchase a subscription, there are plenty of features available that help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and functional way. Take a casual stroll, compete in challenges, learn from coaches or expand the training profiles on your cardio equipment.


Cycle, cross, run and row across the world with the help of thousands of videos. Use the free version with 15 videos or purchase a subscription (€ 9,99 p/m) to unlock all content.

The resistance of your cardio equipment automatically synchronizes with the elevation changes in a video. If needed, you can increase or decrease the difficulty manually.

Does your cardio trainer miss a certain training program? With Tunturi Routes you can add additional programs for interval training.

Get ready for a challenge. Tunturi Routes allows you to compete with others in a multiplayer mode. Sign up for upcoming sessions or organize one for your followers.

Coaches from around the world have uploaded coaching videos to the app, explaining how you can achieve maximum results with your cardio equipment.

Create an even more immersive experience by casting the training screen to your television or any other big screen.

Tunturi Routes is compatible with Apple Watch to receive your heart rate data.

Tunturi Routes can send data (for example distance, heart rate and calories) to Apple Health.

- Tunturi Routes is powered by Kinomap.
- Tunturi Routes is free to download. The free version gives you access to all features and a set of free videos 15 which you can use without a limitation of time. A subscription is required to gain access to the entire video database.
- The current license is set for individual use at home, up to over 2.5 hours/day or 15 hours/week. For medical, corporate or commercial use, please contact us.
- Tunturi Routes can be connected with most Tunturi cardio trainers that have a Bluetooth connection. Check out the full list on

If you have any issues or questions, please reach our support desk directly rather than giving the app a bad rating or leaving your comments here. This will help us to fix the issue as soon as possible.
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