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Tunr — the first guitar tuner really working on your wrist. Out of the box it allows you to easily and quickly tune your favorite guitar, using only the microphone built-in your watch.
Now there is no need to take the phone out of your pocket and place it near the instrument.

Your smartphone can safely stay where you've put it, being in a sleep mode its power capacity will be fully used by Tunr running on your watch to process the sound recorded by the watch and to accurately recognize the note of sounding string.

High-quality animation and user-friendly interface will quickly show you which way to twist the string.

Version of the application running on your smartphone enables you to more efficiently and quickly adjust the sound of your instrument, with a simple and intuitive user interface you will not get lost during the process (a smartphone version of the app can be used standalone, without a clock).

In addition to the standard guitar tuning there are following options:

- A large number of popular alternative guitar tunings are available
- Ability to adjust the sensitivity and accuracy of processing the signal received from the built-in microphone device
- Ability to enable automatic note recognition mode in which Tunr will automatically search for the nearest note

All subsequent application upgrades that will enhance the functionality of the application on your watch and your smartphone will be available for free to those who have purchased the initial version of Tunr
Corban Dalas