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Tunepics lets you share your favourite pictures with any song and capture the emotion behind each moment.

• Be a part of connecting the world through music and emotion
• Share music that you love with every picture that you post
• Tunepics on Apple Watch makes sure you never miss a moment
• Add your emotion and see how you make other people feel whether they are dancing, happy or heartbroken
• Discover new music through your friends and their moments
• Save songs and add to your playlists in Apple Music

User reviews :

5 Stars : "Music + Image + Emotion = Amazing" by Noddy_Taylor
"Love this app! It's amazing in life how a picture or music can unlock a memory and emotion from a time in your life and this app gets that!"

5 Stars : "Who needs Instagram?" by MorphicFields
"I had IG for ages then stumbled across Tunepics! Music with Pictures and Emotions! A triple whammy! Doesn't get better than this! Try it and you won't be disappointed! Opens your eyes and ears to a new world"

5 Stars : "Music and emotion" by Mr Johnny Boy D
"I don't download many apps but this is incredible. Music by emotion is so clever. This will be bigger then Instagram."

5 Stars by 1entrepronegro
"Was one of the first people on Soundtracking and loved it at first I hated to see it go and then I found this app and in so many ways it is better! Thank you for helping me find a better alternative."

Tunepics Ltd