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TuKo Super App

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TuKo Super App

Tuko is an all-inclusive super app where users can shop for all their needs right in one place. Hire a Ride, shop for groceries, order food online, Get your stuff couriered. Move anything within the city, get a small parcel collected or delivered within the hour, pick up and drop off groceries, send forgotten stuff, send collect items for repair, and more in just a few taps

Grab something urgent at the pharmacy. Find a quick and reliable on-demand shopper, plumber, electrician; even a pet groomer! You name it and Tuko Super App has it covered!
We use the very latest mobile technology, that allows our customers to get connected to nearby Service Providers and get instant and secure affordable services on your doorstep. Download the trusted Tuko and hire trusted and verified on-demand services.

Top Features:

The Only App That Allows You To Shop From The Store Of Your Choice.
Are you looking for an on demand services provider? Need help moving to your new home? Or want to renovate your home? We have the best solution for you instantly. Conveniently browse through the work you require, review, and find your potential workers. Rehire delivery driver them whenever you want.

- On-Demand Home Services: 24 hours of GPS tracking your location to offer on-demand services.
- Instant Money Transfer to your loved one anywhere in the World
- Services Provider App: Low power app and doesn’t decrease battery life.
- On-Demand Cleaning: Tuko works on the principle of 100% satisfaction and relaxation of the customer.
- Cleaning Home Services: Tuko ensures quality and reliability. This is because we interview the service providers before registering them.
- Online Ride Booking Services: Tuko marketplace has a trained structure with cash on delivery and also card payment options.
- Find a Doctor: We deliver on five chief principles to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed.
- Online Food Delivery Services near me: Our 100% response rate tells us that we reply to all your queries promptly and resolve them efficiently.
- Grocery Shopping Delivery:
- Plumber Services: We give fair pricing for the work with the help of our experienced providers.
- Car Rental Services: Simple and intuitive user interface.
- Online Wine Shop Home Delivery: Everybody can easily use the Tuko app anywhere and anytime- no boundaries.

How to Use the App?

The Tuko app also works in the background to provide you with a minute to minute updates in form of notifications.
• Just downloads the app to get started.
• Open the app and allow all the location and contact permissions to start using the app.
• You can change the currency and language according to your specifications.
• Secure to Login/register.
• You can easily view your location from the top panel, which you can change accordingly.
• Select the service you want for the bottom section. Some of the services, including cleaning services, doctors and medicines, parents, and babies.
• Comfortably select the service and click the service you want to hire.
Tuko’s Exceptional Services
Tuko is the fastest-growing mobile marketplace for on-demand home services in the world. Tuko primarily not only deals with delivery driver services but includes 1500+ services in its app.
• Single & Multiple deliveries
• Grocery delivery
• Ride booking & Pool sharing
• Car rental
• Food delivery
• Wine delivery
• Car wash on demand
• Beautician on demand
• Other 52+ services Categories
• Other deliveries

What Do People Love About Tuko?
Tuko has everything you will ever need at your fingertips. The most famous Tuko is verified on-demand services. Tuko is the world’s fastest-growing mobile market

Why Tuko?
Tuko is a famous name in the on-demand delivery service industry. Order everything in the comfort of your Guaranteed in less than 1 Hour
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