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TU Clausthal CampusApp

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TU Clausthal CampusApp

TU Clausthal CampusApp accompanies you through your studies and on campus. Together you are the perfect team.

Everyday university life is exhausting enough, don't waste your time fighting through the confusing portals of the university. The app offers you everything you need to start every day well prepared, no matter if you have just started your studies or are already in your master's program.

The app is your team partner on campus, which is impressive and integrates perfectly into your daily study routine. In no time at all, you have all the important information about your studies with you, wherever you are. You'll be surprised how easy it is.

Calendar: The best thing to do is to start managing your schedule with the calendar. This way you have an overview of all your appointments and never miss a lecture or other important events again.

Grades: Calculate your grade point average and be the first to know your new grades via push notification!

Library: Never pay the late fee again! With “TU Clausthal CampusApp” you always have an eye on the loan period of your books and you can easily renew your books with just a few clicks.

Mail: Read and reply to your university mails. No complicated setup necessary!

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