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Tsuku Tsuku

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Tsuku Tsuku

◆ Best for traveling by train or bus.
◆ Notifies before you reach your destination.
◆ Notify by voice and notification.
◆ Notification is repeated up to a maximum of 50 times.
◆ On the Apple Watch, it vibrates, making it even more convenient.
◆ Automatically turn on notification of the destination without launching the application.
◆Supports Widget.

▼ Perfect for these situations
- When you doze off on the train or bus.
- When you’re listening to music and can’t hear the announcement of arrival on the loudspeaker.
- When you’re traveling for pleasure or business to a place you’ve never been to before.

- Up to 50 times are notified continuously.
- Notification interval can be set up to 10 seconds.
- Notify by voice and notification.
- Select a voice for voice guidance on Settings.
- Edit a message of voice guidance for each destination.
- Supports Bluetooth earphones.

▼Automatic Alarm
- Automatically turn on the notification when you go through in the specified place.
- When you specify the nearest station or the station you always go through, the notification of the destination will be turned on automatically when you go through that place.
- If you select "Battery saving" in Tracking settings, you don't have to launch this App.
- You can set the day of the week and time zone to enable the automatic alarm.

▼Tracking settings
- Battery saving
This app does not track your location. Obtains your location only after significant changes to avoid battery loss. Most suitable if another app is already tracking your location.
*Can be set using the automatic alarm without launching the app.
*If you receive no notification before arrival, please switch “Tracking location” in the settings.

- Tracking location
Your location is being tracked during moving. The accuracy of the notification will increase. When you stop moving, the app will automatically stop tracking you.
*To begin/resume tracking, the app must be launched.

▼ Note
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. (Tracking location)
- In places such as subways and tunnels where location information cannot be obtained, no notification will be received prior to arrival at the destination.
- If Wi-Fi is enabled, you can get the current location more accurate.

▼ In App Purchase
- Remove Ads
- Unlimited add points

▼ Apple Watch
Supports Watch OS 3.0 and later.
Yoshihiko Eto