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Trumpy Quotes

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Trumpy Quotes

These are the best quotes ever, just ask anyone. They’re the best. They really are. These are quotes, words that Trump has said. You can’t really argue with this. They are just the best.
If you look at these quotes, and I have, other people have and you can’t really argue with it - the quotes are the best. In fact, they are just tremendous. I think the quotes are great and other people who have seen the quotes think they are great. They’re the best because they are the greatest, just the best. Ask anyone. You can’t argue with that, can you? No. You can’t.

- search a database of Trump's most ridiculous quotes and tweets
- generate a random Trumpy quote
- see what Trump thinks of you
- play Trump or Not and test your quote knowledge
- share quotes with your friends and family
- view quotes on your wrist with the Apple Watch companion app
- 14 iMessage stickers to use in your conversations

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