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True Energy

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True Energy


The True Energy App is an app to Smart Charge your EV. Via the app, you can automate your charging, via charging rules, so you can have different ready-times whether it is weekdays or weekends. In addition to controlling your car, you can also control your Smart Home via the integration with IFTTT. Then you can set the washing machine to run when the power is cheapest and most climatefriendly.

Automatic charging of electric car
If you own an electric car, then you have the option to add it to the app, set when you want the car to be ready in the morning, and then the app will automatically charge at the most optimal time. All you have to do is add your car and your charging box, and the app does the rest. We call this Smart Charge.

Make money while you sleep(*)
While your electric car charges at night, it helps balance the power grid. This is done by the app turning the charging on and off at short intervals. It may sound complicated, but it all happens automatically, and when you get out to a fully charged car in the morning, you can be happy to have earned money by charging your electric car while you slept, while contributing to to reduce the need for fossil power plants.

Cable discountâ„¢(*)
As a thank you for your electric car helping to balance the electricity grid, thereby reducing the need for fossil power plants, you will receive a Cable Discountâ„¢. It is a discount on your electricity bill which is settled according to how much you have charged in the given month. The more you charge, the more you earn.

Smart Home(*)
In addition to being able to control the car, you also have the option of connecting your smart devices to the app. Thereby you can control that your washing machine e.g. should only run when power is cheap and that your HUE bulbs should glow green when CO2 emissions are low. The possibilities are many, and are managed via IFTTT.

If you have any questions, you can write to our customer service via chat in the app and our website.

(*) only available in certain countries
True Energy A/S