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TRONITY Your Car. Your Data.

TRONITY enables you to access, own and manage your electric vehicle data via software only – no hardware is needed! Through the combination of various data points such as charging rates, running costs can be reduced and driving behavior can be optimized.

With focus on electric mobility TRONITY supports the following vehicle brands:

Audi, BMW, Citroen, Cupra, Dacia, DS, Fiat, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, MINI, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Tesla, Vauxhall and Volkswagen.

TRONITY App - Overview

The TRONITY App complements the TRONITY Premium and TRONITY Professional offering by providing a quick and easy access to your vehicle data at any time. But access to all details of the vehicle will of course also continue to be available via the TRONITY web solution.

Multiple vehicles can be managed via the TRONITY App and the main focus is on battery charging information. The TRONITY App will give you a quick overview of the running costs of your vehicles and you can analyze them as needed.

TRONITY App - Features & Functions

- Management of multiple vehicles via the TRONITY Garage
- Basic data about the vehicle such as the mileage and range
- Control of lights, air condition and unlock / lock (if supported by the vehicle)
- Battery state of charge (SoC), AC/DC ratio and charging power overview
- Overview of battery charges, CO2 emissions and charging costs
- Assignment of charging rates directly via the App
- Overview of running costs of the vehicle
- Location of the vehicle via Apple Maps
- Vehicle data available as Apple iOS Widget (Apple iOS 14 or higher)
- Notifications with respect to charging and the change of the vehicle status

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