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Trivia Watch

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Trivia Watch

Trivia Watch is an extended version of "Trivia True or False" and contains all of the facts available to that App. More fun - it runs on the Apple Watch too! This is a fun way to test yourself and your friends on little known facts or just plain crazy rumors and urban legends.

Are they FACTS?? You decide. Specially selected "facts" that are either interesting, unusual, just plain fun, or all three. An effort in research verified the 'trueness' or falseness'.

Game play is easy. Just indicate TRUE or FALSE when presented with a fact. After the result is given, the NEXT button appears to go on to the next fact.

Beat your BEST SCORE by guessing more challenges correctly in a row. Game is over when you miss one. Option is provided to play a NEW GAME after missing a guess.

A comical Headline and explanatory information is given for every fact.

Facts are presented with a sometimes humorous and sometimes cute picture aimed at illustrating the fact or steering you wrong.

There are no ads and no in-app purchases. It's all here for only $.99.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy.
Paul Zelenski