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Trivia Break

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Trivia Break

*** I am making this game FREE for a limited time to celebrate my newest game: Trivia Break - 200 QA Quiz For Harry Potter fans (check under my others games) Enjoy! ***
Do you need a break? Why not play Guess World Logos on your cool Apple Watch right now!

World Logos is an delightful quiz game where you guess the logos of world famous companies. Can you identify these brands when their names are stripped out? Download World Logos now and found out!

*** Features ***

- Play it on your phone AND Apple Watch!

- No typing needed, just select one of the 4 possible responses

- Switch between Watch and phone anytime. You best score is synced between the Watch and the phone.

- Fast game! How many logos can you guess in 20 seconds?

Please rate and review this game! Your feedback is very important to us - it helps us improve the game for you.

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Mohamed Bennouf