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Tripz by Lhion

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Tripz by Lhion

Tripz works with your iCloud account and your iCloud Photo Library to help organise your trips by dates and locations visited - this is the only reason we do need to use your location, and why we do require location access to start a new trip.

You create a trip with full control on when you start and end it. This information is only kept in your device and in your own iCloud account. Lhion does not collect any data regarding your trips, photos, or locations.
You will be able to see your photos organised by trips on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and soon macOS and AppleTV logged in to your iCloud account.

Sharing Photos Privately
When you share photos you have the option (on by default) to share without location and other metadata, so you can share them to social media.

We offer a one year subscription. Current features can be used without any subscription, but you will be helping fund the continued development of Tripz without any data gathering, tracking, or ads.
You can cancel the subscription at any time through your iCloud settings.

Tripz Terms of Use

Tripz Privacy Policy
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