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Do you also love the feeling, when you cross a national border and get a stamp stamped in your passport? With TripStamp you are able to collect stamps anywhere on your trip even if you are not crossing any border.

Sydney, Paris, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Taj Mahal or the Eifel Tower: TripStamp lets you collect beautiful and unique stamps for over 700 locations worldwide ... and it gets more each month.

Collect the stamps along with a map and a short message in two easy steps. Let your friends know where you are and how you are. They will love it!

• Collect stamps anywhere in the world
• Choose from multiple cards with different paper types and fonts
• Write your own message on the card
• See which stamps you have already collected and which ones you still have to collect.
• Forgot to collect a stamp? Keep calm! You can still collect the stamp even if you have already left the place.
• See also without registration, which stamps have already been collected ... to collect your own stamp, you must of course register.

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