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Trips by Verizon Connect

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Trips by Verizon Connect

It’s great having the flexibility to use a vehicle for both business and private journeys. What’s not great is sorting out the tax and administration nightmare at the end of the month. All those scraps of papers, abstract notes and wayward logbooks - fortunately, there’s a better way.

Verizon Connect Trips (formerly known as Logbook) automates much of the trip information needed to classify journeys, making it simple to assign and categorize business trips.

Capture useful trip data automatically including:

- Mileage
- Route history
- Fuel used
- Start and Stop times
- Average speed

Verizon Connect Trips gives you an easier, more accurate way to prepare mileage claims, trip reporting or tax returns.

Log business trips on the go - Make fast work of your unsorted trips and have it automatically sync with the office for accurate, same-day reporting.
Reliable mileage reports - Record each trip automatically, in real time, capturing mileage using the vehicle’s own engine diagnostics.
Business trip labels - Assign work-related journeys to a specific purpose using color-coded labels for better insight and analysis of business trips.
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