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TripRoad Rally

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TripRoad Rally

TripRoad Rally is indispensable for navigation Rally Road Book.regularity rally

You can choose Miles or KPH by clicking on the section Time

- English interface
- Speed Kph or Miles / Elevation M or Ft
- Heading
- Elevation
- Partial Distance Miles/km
- The total distance Miles/km
- + / - On partial distance.
- Pause Mode
- Display the total distance
- Display of the total travel time
- Display the total average speed
- Display of the partial travel time
- Display the partial average speed
- "Play" button to start recording the course
- Possibility of stopping the course or to take a break.
- Reset by Long press (2s) on the RST button to avoid accidental erasure.

TripRoad Rally continues to use the GPS in the background when you exit the application to continue to save your travel time and distance.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can Dramatically Decrease battery life.