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TripPlanny: Your Ideal Travel Companion

Discover the world with TripPlanny, the ultimate app for planning and enjoying your adventures. Available on both iPhone and Apple Watch, TripPlanny simplifies the organization of your trips and connects you with a global community of travel enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. Create Custom Itineraries:
- Design detailed itineraries according to your preferences and needs.
-Duplicate expert itineraries shared by the TripPlanny team and soon by the community.
-Explore From the Map:

2. Share Itineraries with Friends
- Edit itineraries with your friends in real-time
- Share with unlimited users
- Discover Exciting Places Directly from the Interactive Map.
- Access detailed information such as restaurants, museums, and hotels to make informed decisions about your destinations.

3. Flight Tracking:
- Stay updated on your flight details and receive real-time notifications.
- Simplify your travel experience with precise updates.

4. Travel Blog:
- Immerse yourself in the world of travel through our blog, filled with stories and tips from passionate travelers.

5. Add Links (NEW):
- With this feature, you can add links to your itinerary directly
- You can add links from any app like Safari or Google Maps

Premium Features:

1. Upload Files to the Trip:
- Customize your itineraries with photos and documents.
- Access Exclusive Blog Itineraries:
- Explore unique itineraries created by our blog contributors.
- AI for Itinerary Creation (Beta):
- Experiment with AI-assisted itinerary creation in beta phase.

2. Trip Expense Report:
- Keep precise track of your expenses for a more organized trip.

3. Navigate with Built-In GPS
- Start a route from one or multiple points without the need to install another navigation app.

Apple Watch Experience:

1. View Itineraries on Your Wrist:
- Easily access your itineraries from your Apple Watch.

2. Activity Tracking:
- Keep track of your tasks and planned activities.

3. Real-Time Flight Tracking:
- Receive quick updates on the status of your flight.

The Future of Travel: We are committed to constantly improving. Upcoming updates will include even more features designed to facilitate your adventures. Download TripPlanny today and make every trip an unforgettable experience. Traveling has never been so easy and exciting!

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