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TripLogger Remote

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TripLogger Remote

TripLogger is a GPS logging app which logs locations in real-time to a remote server, such as the open-source TripServer [1] remote logging server, or to a local database, or both. Different time and distance intervals can be applied to remote and local logging. For remote logging you will need to setup and host the remote web server yourself or use a third-party hosting service.


TripServer is currently the only remote logging server supported, but the intention is to allow the app to be configurable to work with more servers in the future.

The app is designed to provide configuration options which can be used to minimize battery usage. For example, if logging infrequently, the app can be configured to use locations based on Wi-Fi and the mobile phone network, then once a new location is received the GPS is switched on until a sufficiently accurate location is established. The GPS is then switched off again until the next time a new location is reported.

Although the app is intended to minimize battery usage, nonetheless, using location background mode may dramatically decrease battery life.

The main page of the app displays a summary of its current status together with counters showing how many locations have been saved locally or transmitted to the remote host, including how many of those have succeeded or failed.

An activity log reports key events such as the time and location of each position reported to the remote server. Tapping on the location opens and displays it in the Maps app.

Locations that have been saved to the local database can be exported in the GPX file format as a series of track segments.

The Apple Watch app provides remote control functionality to the app, allowing you to monitor and control the application's remote logging features without needing to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. The Apple Watch app does not record locations independently of the iPhone. You still need to take your iPhone with you.

The iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch can be used to create a note and include it with the next established location sent to the remote host. This is only relevant to remote logging.

Notifications can be enabled to advise when the iPhone or iPad battery level is lower or higher than configurable values whilst discharging or charging respectively. Battery level notifications are only sent whilst logging is enabled and running.

The app is free and without ads.
Frank Dean