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tripIZE trip plans & journals with geocoded wiki bookmark alerts

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tripIZE trip plans & journals with geocoded wiki bookmark alerts

tripIZE enables you to plan and journal all your trips.

Planning your trips is easy - simply drag and drop a pin onto a map to research all Wikipedia and Apple’s geocoded articles. Find what you’re looking for, either a renowned Italian restaurant or an architectural wonder, bookmark and tag the article to build it into your trip plan. When on your trip, all the bookmarked articles are just a tap away.

As you track your journey, you can create geocoded photos, notes and drawings en route. In addition, weather reports can be obtained (via a web connection) and edited to include your own weather view, and for fun, emoticons can be added to reflect your changing moods and events.

During your trips, notifications will advise you as you approach your geo-coded bookmarks.

tripIZE requires NO registration or sign up. Your tracked data is your own to share as you wish. You can share individual photos, notes, drawings, and images of your tracks with anyone and the entire trip journal can be shared with other tripIZE users. tripIZE fully utilises iCloud to both backup your trip logs, but also to seamlessly share to your other iOS devices.

tripIZE logs your trips in time and space - with the latest iPhones it will automatically detect if you’re walking, running, cycling or in the car. tripIZE has been built as an universal app, usable on the latest iPhones & iPads, so whichever device you're traveling with, you've no reason not to journal your trips.

tripIZE journals can be easily found via either the map or the calendar. Each trip has a dashboard record of time, distance, speed and altitude for each leg of the trip. Your trip logs build into a comprehensive journal of when, where and how you travelled. These trips can be analysed on the stats board by colour coded transport types.

Any second thoughts, in the form of photos and notes etc, can easily be edited & added to your journals after completion, with a simple drag & drop onto your track.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Stephen Cox