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trimm Cycling Center

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trimm Cycling Center

trimm Cycling Center

This app is designed to support trimm device. However, the app itself can be a decent cycling computer/navigation alone for people who have no hardware.
With or without trimm device, you can enjoy your ride with real-time cycling statistics and navigations. All histories will be stacked safely. Feature-rich route planning and guidance is the highlight.

◎ Basic Features ◎
- Real-time riding data.
- Feature-rich Navigation.
- Compatible with various Bluetooth sensors. ( speed, cadence, heart rate sensors, and power meters )
- Intuitive riding history.

● Real-time riding data.
You can set various data like distance, speed, altitude, etc.
The intuitive configuration allows you to customize the layout for your tastes.

● Powerful Navigation
No more complicated interfaces for route planning! You can easily set up your route with the trimm Cycling Center.
OpenStreetMap™ based online map with the offline map cache.
Up to 28 waypoints can enable you to set up a complicated route.

● Intuitive riding history.
Reviewing your ride history cannot be easier. You can go back and forth of your history under your fingertips.

◎ Benefits for Premium subscribers ◎
- No commercial banners.
- Offline map cache.
- STRAVA upload.
- up to 28 waypoints in route planning. (2 >> 28)

● Offline map cache
Do not worry about lost networks. Offline map cache allows you to use a map in the area where you have no network reachable!*
*Route planning is available only online.

● STRAVA upload
Through the STRAVA, share your records with your friends around the world.

◎ Auto-renewable subscription ◎

- Subscription costs $0.99 per month.

- You can manage your subscription and/or turn off the auto-renewal at Settings app. It automatically renews a month period unless you cancel it by 24-hours before the end of each period. Each renewal is processed within 24-hours prior to the end of each period. Your iTunes account will pay for the subscription.

- Apple Health works together to use heart rate information.

- you can confirm privacy policy in this.

- you can confirm terms and conditions.
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