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TriggerSVD extends the operational control of a SV/CV Director (SVD/DSD) deployment to iOS. Manipulating individual script states, going to or returning from an ad-hoc state, starting or stopping of the script, or controlling TV power venue wide can all be done within TriggerSVD.

Triggers are pulled from SVD upon launch and are listed individually with details. SVD configuration will determine the credential need of each trigger. TriggerSVD will use the appropriate GET or POST method as defined on SVD to send the trigger. The Credentials for each trigger are set within TriggerSVD to match the SVD configuration.

When first run TriggerSVD will prompt for the SVD IP Address to be input into Settings. This is the same Settings where Airplane Mode lives, scroll to the bottom and you will see TriggerSVD. HTTPS can be enabled for greater communication security to SVD.

Use directly over a well-covered and secure WiFi enabled venue. Works over cellular with a VPN connection as well.
Ed Leonhardt