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This is a calculator application created by me, a canner, focusing on the functions of a calculator necessary for field work.
Even if you don't understand trigonometric functions, you can easily calculate with this calculator.
It can calculate right triangles and unequal triangles.
It can calculate memory, answer memory, pi, repetition, parentheses, trigonometric functions, and cosine theorem.
Develop cones (including misalignment), diagonal cuts, R-cuts, T-pipes, shrimp tubes, rounded corners, rounded corners (eccentricity), hopper eccentricity, pipes from mirror plates, connecting pipes to tapered pipes, screw wings, and calculate PCD.
It is possible to display the development on the floor in full size with AR for a specific development.

User's Manual ############################

Calculator section
Press and hold the "ANS" button to display past calculation results.
Tap the label of the calculation result (right after pressing =) to mark the value in the ANS list.
Tap the white button to enter the value displayed on the label.
Swipe the screen to the left or right to rotate the right triangle.
Swipe the screen up and down to flip the right triangle.
Enter two right triangles and three unequal triangles.
Tap the "Cal" button to display the calculation result.
Tap "Cl" button to clear the displayed value.
You can also use the "0" label to erase only the specified locations.
If you touch the button and slide it down, the numerical value of the calculation result will be displayed on the label, and can be used for the next calculation.
Trigonometric calculations can be done with
By sliding the [4] and [6] buttons, you can go back and forward.
Pressing the CLR button once will erase the number.
Press twice to reset the rotation.
Press and hold to erase numbers, reset rotation, and erase memory.
Press and hold to erase numbers, reset rotation, and clear memory.
Automatic input of pipe outline
Example 50A -> Input "5", "0", "1 slide".
  1¼B -> Input "1", "4", "1" and "2 slides".
Each slide twice in succession will reduce the value by half.

Expansion section
The input method is the same as in the calculator section.
To expand a pipe, PCD, or mirror, slide the screen to the left or right to select the expansion diagram.
Basically, all buttons need to be entered, but in some places "0" can be used.
For round corners (eccentricity), double-tap the screen after entering the numerical value for round corners to switch to the input screen.
Please enter the division of the circumference in multiples of 4.
The calculation result is an image, so it may differ from the actual shape.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the calculation results in this application, the accuracy is not guaranteed.
Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, loss, or disadvantage caused by the use of this application.
ryo sasaki