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TRF Mini Viewer

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TRF Mini Viewer

TRF Mini Viewer is an iPhone/iPod Touch application for viewing thoroughbred past performances in the racing form format. It is has the same feature as the big cousin TRF Viewer for the iPad. You can use the iCloud to interchange the race cards between TRF Viewer and TRF Mini Viewer.

If you are looking for an iPad version, please check out my other app 'TRF Viewer'.

It has the following features:

1. View each race in a racing form past performances format.
2. Handicap each race and pick the top three thoroughbred.
3. Display the tote board for the race track.
4. Show the results after the race is finished.
5. Current weather and track conditions.
6. Automated Scratches and Jockey Changes.
7. Printing the race card through AirPrint.
8. Emailing the race card in PDF.
9. Backup/Restore race card.
10. Allow the user to mark the thoroughbred on the racing form.
11. Today's Notification Center will display upcoming races with top 4 horses using performance method.
12. Apple Watch will display upcoming races with top 4 horses using performance method.

To mark the thoroughbred, double tap on the thoroughbred and use your finger to mark it. Double tap again to go back to normal state.

TRF Mini Viewer uses the following data files in order to display the racing form:

* Brisnet PP Data Files (single)
* Brisnet PP Data Files (multiple)
* Brisnet PP Data Files (MultiCAPS)
* Brisnet PP Data Files (All-Ways)
* JCapper Data Files
* Post Time Daily Exported CDF Files
* TrackMaster Past Performance EXE Files
* TrackMaster Past Performance XML Files

Race card are not free and must be purchase separately. You can transfer the race card files through iTunes in the App's File Sharing section or iOS's Mobile Safari.

Please follow the download instructions after you press the '+' icon on the TRF Mini Viewer's main screen.

*** Documented Analysis Results ****
TRF Mini Viewer Analysis module predict the following races:

2011 Belmont Stakes:
* Animal Kingdom (509 pts)
* Ruler On Ice (488 pts)
* Shackleford (485 pts)
The winner for the 2011 Belmont Stakes was Ruler On Ice.

2012 Belmont Stakes:
* Paynter (507 pts)
* Dullahan (505 pts)
* Union Rags (485 pts)
The winner for the 2012 Belmont Stakes was Union Rags.

Good luck at the races!!!

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