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Trekking Watch

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Trekking Watch

We love nature, especially the mountains. But walking unfamiliar routes sometimes can be dangerous, be careful not to get lost. This app was created for this purpose, to help you not get lost in the mountains.

The app saves your position approximately every 25 meters on a black map or empty map, so you always know what you are traveling and, most importantly, you can always return to the starting point. In addition, no matter how far you travel, the zoom is self-adjusting so that the route you are following is always visible.

Why is a black or empty map used?
In the mountains many times there is no coverage, in this app is not a problem because not use the internet, it only uses GPS. It's an app designed to don't get lost during the route. In addition, battery consumption is reduced.

The app is available for Apple Watch and for iPhone. At any time you can consult:
- The Km you have traveled
- The altitude at which you are
- The accumulated altitude
- The route you have completed
- Direction of the route
- The route time
- Precision of saved points
- * For iPhone, send current position.

Simple. Very simple:
- Once there is communication with the GPS, a "START" button will be displayed. Press it to start the route.
- The red dot marks the starting position
- The green dot marks the current position
- Once you have finished the route, press the "STOP" button

Tell us about your experience with the app. Has it been useful to you? Can you think of any improvement? We will be delighted to hear from you!

*Please, before making a route, always try to be accompanied and always tell someone the route you are going to take, never trust your life only to an app.

This app has been developed using SwiftUI.
Tocapp Games S.L.