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Getting fit has never been so much fun! - Treeceps motivates and rewards you for every achievement on your fitness journey.

To get into amazing shape by working out, you need to do two things:
1.) Be active and get lean.
2.) Get strong and build muscle.

Download Treeceps to achieve both of these goals. By going on your own fitness adventure in a lively world where everything relates to your training.

1.) Be active and get lean by increasing your daily activity
• Your steps in the real world produce grass and feed Runimals
• Grow flowers and unlock Runimals through fitness achievements
• Climb flights of stairs and grow your lighthouse
• An immersive world, influenced by your activity, with simulated daytime and weather effects
• Receive humorous weather forecasts to find out the perfect moment to go for a walk
• Be prepared for many surprises along the way

2.) Get strong and build muscle with highly effective workouts
• Train at home or in the gym by choosing your equipment
• No experience required: Treeceps will teach you how to perform real, effective strength training, rep by rep
• If you’re new to strength training: Let the artificial intelligence create the perfect plan, based on your time, equipment and goals
• For experienced lifters: Create your own routine and track it in the world of Treeceps
• High quality 3D animations (female + male) show exactly how exercises should be performed
• Receive science based tips for your training by Dr. Fox
• Easy to use workout tracker that guides you through your training in a way like no other app does
• Advanced features such as 3D muscle utilization visualization, detailed workload and fatigue estimation per muscle group, RPE tracking, progress statistics, progression suggestions and much more

Treeceps is available exclusively for Apple devices, build from the ground up with latest Apple technologies.
• Metal based rendering provides an immersive world with simulated daytime, weather, incredible lighting effects and detailed exercise animations
• ARKit makes you experience exercises, Runimals and your virtual garden in the real world
• iCloud sync allows you to collect steps on your iPhone during the day and admire your progress on your iPad at home
• Core Motion analysis makes you collect steps in real time
• HealthKit integration lets you collect steps automatically in the background as well as with your Apple Watch
• Game Center leader boards let you compete against your friends with your own fitness achievements
• Support for the latest iOS features such as automatic Dark Mode

You can explore Treeceps for free as a guest. To gain access to all features, join the Treeceps Club. Available as subscription for different durations or a one time payment for life long gains.

Treeceps Terms of Use -
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Treeceps integrates with the Apple Health app:
Treeceps uses the Health app that is pre-installed on your iPhone to read steps and stairs data to visualize them in the app. Because of this Treeceps might ask you to grant access to your steps and stairs data.
Joe Waldow