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Treat For Geek

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Treat For Geek

It is the right time to try our new funny game Treat For Geek. Have you ever interested what do nerds eat? Now you can know it for sure! And moreover, you are to decide what geek is going to eat!

Become the chief cook for the geeky nerd in glasses and watch his reaction on the items you feed him! Have fun trying to feed the geek with stuff like onions, spinach, soap, frog, electric cable, cactus and so much more! Toss the food and see what happens!

How to play: there is a nerdy geek with glasses and brackets right in front of you. Your task is to toss him the food you choose using the screen of your device. You’ll get 5 coins if you toss right in the mouth, 3 coins for throwing at his face. Collect the coins and get new kinds of food to mock at geek! Don’t get him too dirty or you lose your coins!

Treat For Geek features:

- four types of geeks to choose: 2 boys and 2 girls
- Earn extra 15 kinds of food to make it funnier!
- Each type of food affects the geek differently!
- Four locations: café, amusement park, library and class!
- High quality sound- and graphic effects!

Try the Treat For Geek and have fun throwing stuff at hungry nerds and watching them react! Feeding nerds is the ultimate way to waste your time and put off doing important things!
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