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Are you straining to check your Workout stats on your Apple Watch while on the treadmill? TreadmillPlus is designed to present your workout stats on your iPhone in a continuous mode with large readable fonts while working out on your treadmill or other cardio equipment. In addition, TreadmillPlus charts your workout to give you a visual history of your heart rate during the workout. Continuous communication between the iPhone and your Apple Watch ensures that the data you see on your phone during workouts is up to date and accurate. TreadmillPlus seamlessly integrates with Apple Workouts to store the information in your HealthKit.

TreadmillPlus on the Apple Watch works just like your regular Apple Workout app. Your workout is recorded and stored with your HealthKit data. Heart rate, active calories, total calories, distance, step count and workout elapsed time are displayed in large font on your Apple Watch. The workout can be paused and restarted.

On the Apple Watch, click the "Treadmill Workout" button to start a treadmill workout, and the active screen will appear. Clicking the "Other Workout" button will start the workout with Apple's default workout settings.

The TreadmillPlus app allows your Apple Watch to work with your iPhone. The app displays the information from your Apple Watch workout on your iPhone in a large easy to read format. The app shows your heart rate and displays a chart of your beats per minute history. The app also displays the workout start time, active time, current time, active calories burned, total calories burned (active calories plus resting calories) and the number of steps taken. You can exit the app on your iPhone to change music, answer phone calls or any other task. Once you return TreadmillPlus to the foreground, the information and chart will be up to date with the chart showing you what happened to your heart rate while TreadmillPlus was in the background. The workout can be paused or ended from your iPhone.

*TreadmillPlus only works with an Apple Watch paired with an iPhone.
Andrew Brown