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Travel Diary Tracker Lite

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Travel Diary Tracker Lite

Make your life a diary of places
Without any effort

Everyone knows where you were last summer ... yesterday ... the night before. Everybody knows. Google, Bing, even Apple and Amazon. Because everyone has access to your location data. The only person scratching their heads when asked where you were at 11:30 a.m. last Tuesday ... are YOU

The travel diary fills this knowledge gap. It remembers the places where you stayed, their location and the length of your stay. Then it looks for the photos you took there, looks in Wikipedia for interesting information such as castles or churches in the area and the new entry in the diary is ready. Without even opening the app. And if you feel thirsty or gnawing hunger, it even helps you to get to the nearest café or restaurant.

Over time you will receive a nice and informative travel diary. Only for you. Because the information will never leave your phone. At most on your Apple Watch. So you can always check where you've been hanging around since installing the app.

And even better: it also helps you to go back there. Have you ever been on a mountain or in the forest and found a nice place or enjoyed the view? And on the hike next year you can’t remember how to get there?

Well, Travel Diary offers you two ways to get to any place it shows you - regardless of whether it is a diary entry that was recorded for you in the background or a point of interest that you want in your area. Every location shown in the app has a button for a directional compass and for navigation.

Navigation uses the power of Apple Maps to give you the best routing experience you can have on iPhone. The wheel doesn't have to be reinvented, right? ;)

The compass determines the direction to this destination and displays a bright red arrow that points exactly to this location.

On the Apple Watch you get the most useful parts of the iPhone app, optimized for the smaller display. A list of the places you have been, with each day of the week in a clear color for better distinction. And either with the red compass arrow or with Apple Maps you will be guided there safely

Have fun with the app and I hope it is as useful for you as it is for me
IBMobile Software