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Translator 73

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Translator 73

At your fingertips is the power to translate between 73 different languages. Just start typing or paste in some text and Translator 73 will translate it instantly. It will even pronounce the text for you in 26 of the languages so you can just type what you want to say.

Key Features
• Directly translates between any two of the 73 supported languages.
• Bookmark and Recent History
• Pronunciation for 26 languages
• Translated text can be used for Printing, SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter
• Apple Watch supported for quick access of saved and recent translation list

Translation Made Simple
What if you need to translate something but you don’t know what language is being used? Don’t worry: Translator 73 can automatically detect the language for you, so all you need to do is paste in the text.

After translating a word or phrase, you can bookmark it. At any time, you can instantly return to your bookmarked phrases. Travelers especially will appreciate the ability to bookmark translations of important questions such as, “where is the bathroom?”

Translator 73 will even remember your input phrase if you switch output languages, so you can quickly see what a phrase looks like in various different languages.

All Major Languages Supported
Translator 73 supports all of the following languages and can pronounce text aloud in any of the languages marked below with an asterisk.

• Afrikaans
• Albanian
• Arabic*
• Azerbaijani
• Basque
• Belarusian
• Bengali
• Bulgarian
• Catalan
• Chinese Simplified*
• Chinese Traditional*
• Croatian
• Czech*
• Danish*
• Dutch*
• English*
• Esperanto
• Estonian
• Filipino
• Finnish*
• French*
• Galician
• Georgian
• German*
• Greek*
• Gujarati
• Haitian Creole
• Hebrew*
• Hindi*
• Hungarian*
• Icelandic
• Indonesian*
• Irish
• Italian*
• Japanese*
• Kannada
• Korean*
• Latin
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Macedonian
• Malay
• Maltese
• Norwegian*
• Persian
• Polish*
• Portuguese*
• Romanian*
• Russian*
• Serbian
• Slovak*
• Slovenian
• Spanish*
• Swahili
• Swedish*
• Tamil
• Telugu
• Thai*
• Turkish*
• Ukrainian
• Urdu
• Vietnamese
• Welsh
• Yiddish

Internet Connection Requirement
Translating between 73 different languages means there are 5402 different language combinations. That’s too much data to store on your device, so Translator 73 requires an Internet connection (mobile or wifi) to access the data necessary to make translations work.