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Transition moves seamlessly between your swim, cycle and run legs whilst also timing your transitions without pressing a button or swiping on the screen.

Set your transition area and race distances and start when you're ready - the app will do the rest.

To help you avoid the frustrations of a non-responsive touch screen mid-water, use the "Start Later" feature; this allows you to use the physical Digital Crown to begin. Just scroll and fill the gauge to start!

To help you train for race day - Transition also introduces endless brickwork sessions. Just set your transition area and the brick session will automatically switch between run to cycle to run for as long as your legs will carry you and of course time your transitions as well. Once you're done - check on your iPhone to see min / max and average T1 and T2 times.

Transition offers:

> Automatic transition detection - set your transition area before you race and let the app take care of the rest whilst you workout.

> Transition timing - see your live transition duration. Check back on your iPhone for summary views when you're done.

> Comprehensive range of sport tracking: pool swim, open water swim, run, cycle, hand cycle, tandem and wheel chair workouts

> Specific metrics per workout: E.g. laps for pool swim, SPM for open water and min/km for run!

> Start Later - Start your race when you're ready - just turn the Digital Crown and fill the gauge to start.

> Change from km to miles and back again mid-workout whenever you want.

> Manual transition when you need it

> Heart rate zone tracking and alerts lets you train in the right zone for your race, with visual, Taptic and audio alerts to let you know when to cool off or bring up the pace

> Apple Health and Activity ring integration - see your workouts contribute to your daily exercise and move goals and see them added to your workouts from the Apple activity app

> GPS location icon shows when you're out of GPS coverage

> Music Control integration - just swipe across during your workout.

Note: An WatchOS 6 is required for this app
William Mallard