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Want to make the most of your day?

Trana is a platform that identifies which hour of the day your body is performing at its highest level, both mentally and physically, what we call Primetime. 

Primetime is based on your circadian rhythm, the body’s natural clock. While you may think you’re a morning person, your body might actually be at its peak in the afternoon. Knowing your Primetime can help you strategically schedule your day so you’re working harder not smarter.

It’s not always about what you do, but when you do it. 

Trana integrates with Apple Health Kit and uses its proprietary algorithm to calculate your personal Primetime. Trana sends you daily notifications for when your Primetime is about to start so that you can make the most of the next hour. 

With Trana, you’re able to select one of three wellness paths to focus on an area you would like to improve in most - health, mindfulness, or productivity.

Everyday, Trana delivers new content such as a thought, video, and article, related to the wellness path you choose. In addition to the daily content, Trana will also provide a daily challenge. These challenges only take between 5-10 minutes and are designed to pair with the wellness path you chose.

Example challenges include meditating for 5 minutes, completing 3 sets of 10 burpees, or organizing your space. Over time, you can see how you’ve improved on each challenge, and how your mind or body responds to activity during your Primetime in comparison to other times in the day. 

Trana connects to your Apple Watch. 

Come join Trana’s community of tens of thousands of others that are making the most of their day and finding complete wellness. 

You can find more information at our website here:
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