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Datatool TrakKING is a Thatcham insurance industry approved GPS/GSM based tracking and theft recovery service designed specifically for scooters and motorcycles.

TrakKING activates automatically as soon as the ignition is switched off and monitors the bike for signs of unauthorised movement. If movement is detected without the ignition being switched on, TrakKING will send an SMS text message to the customer advising the bike is moving. If the movement continues and the bike is moved away from where it was parked, TrakKING will enter full alert mode and notification will be sent to the dedicated 24/7/365 TrakKING Monitoring Team.

In the event of a suspected theft, the TrakKING Monitoring Team will contact the owner immediately and if a theft is confirmed, will liaise with the Police on the owner’s behalf to aid recovery.

The TrakKING app allows you to view the location of your vehicle(s), communicate directly with the TrakKING Monitoring Team, manage your account, configure the tracking device, and activate Transport or Service modes.

Please note: This app requires the Datatool TrakKING system to be installed on your motorcycle or scooter by an authorised dealer or mobile installer. Please visit to find your nearest dealer.
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