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Training Program 2

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Training Program 2

Training Program 2 - now your favorite exercises are animated in a new version of Training Program app! We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch! Create your personal training schedule for the whole week and track down the progress.

If you are interested in fitness and bodybuilding and you've got strong desire to change your life and have a lean body, our new sports application is what you really need! Plan your personal training program for a week and mark the exercises you've done. Also, Training Program contains full descriptions for all the most popular exercises: exercises for the core, legs, arms, chest, back, stretching and etc.

How to Use:
Launch Training Program 2 before you visit a gym, choose exercises and start the timer. Don't forget to read the instructions attentively and try to do the exercise you chose with as much effort as you can. All the instructions are provided with gif animation!

Training Program 2 Features:
- Fitness guide and fitness tracker in one application
- Well detailed instructions for exercises
- Gif animation for every exercise
- Planning the workout in the calendar of the app
- Supports Apple Watch
- Perfect application for gaining muscles and creating a lean body

Program Training 2 is one of the biggest collections of exercises for each one muscle of your body, so you can choose the best training for you! Our sports app will help you stay healthy! Start your new day with our application and change your life!
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