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Train Home

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Train Home

This app has one simple aim - make all the National Rail and London Overground train departure information you need on a regular basis available to you at a glance on one simple screen. No more searching, no more taps! Once you've set it up, open the app and the info you need is always right there in front of you.

Add stations that you commonly travel between to your favourites and the departure times for services between those stations will appear right there on your home screen as soon as you open the app. The list is ordered by the departure station's distance from your current location so the trains you're interested in are always right there at the top of your screen.

If you use both an iPhone and an iPad your favourite journeys will automatically sync using iCloud - no need to set everything up twice.

The trains included are National Rail services and London Overground. The departure time, platform, duration, expected arrival time, as well as the any delays or cancellations will be shown.

If your device has GPS (iPhones and some iPads), as you walk into one of your favourite stations, you'll receive a notification with departure times of the next few trains to your chosen destination. You don't even have to open the app to see when your next train will be, it just appears! As easy as that.

If you have an Apple Watch you'll receive these notifications right on your wrist, otherwise it's just a quick glance of your phone's lock screen to see when your train is. No more rushing to the station departure board with all the crowds when you enter the station.

Once you’ve decided on a departure, tap on it to pin it. The departure will move to the top of the screen and give you more details about where the train is currently. Once it sets off it’ll stay there, even when the departure has dropped off the station’s departure board, keeping you updated with the last station you passed through, your estimated arrival time and platform, and any delays.

All the information comes direct from National Rail Enquiries so will be as up to date and real time as the station boards. We're all creatures of habit, if you find yourself often travelling between the same stations (for work or pleasure), this is the app for you!

Note: This isn't a journey planner. Only direct train services between stations will show up, the app won't suggest connections. But once you've found out the connection points of your journey, add them into this app to keep up to date with the train times.
Thomas Thorpe