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Train Fitness

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Train Fitness

The first app that uses your Apple Watch to automatically track and record your exercises, count reps, and monitor performance! Train Fitness uses the motion of your Apple Watch to automatically track the exercise and reps you are performing. Simply strap on your Apple Watch, start the workout, and Train Fitness will automatically detect over 82 exercises you perform, and count your reps. Apple Watch required.

We built Train Fitness because we too are lifters, gym-enthusiasts, and fellow athletes, and we were tired of logging workouts manually. We believe that recording your workout at the gym should be as easy as recording a run, and we’ll stop at nothing to get there. The Train Fitness App is an all-encompassing workout log app that tracks how you move and counts your reps. Simply strap on your Apple Watch, and watch the magic unfold.

Train Fitness helps you track your workout progress automatically. Whether you want to gain strength, build muscle, lose weight fast, get shredded, or just log workouts, Train Fitness is the only hands-free, simple solution to get you there.

Our AI fitness tracking works with the Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, 7 and SE Apple Watch models. Unfortunately due to CPU limitations with the Watch 1 and Watch 3, we are unable to reliably run our application on these devices.

Weightlifting and gym routines can now be saved to a workout profile, providing a valuable history of all your workouts at the gym. Strength training has never been made so easy!


Support for automatic tracking of 82 exercises, plus an additional 400+ manual exercises that can be logged using the Train Fitness app. Support for dumbbells, barbell, cable, and bodyweight exercises and routines.

Automatic rest timer starts as soon as you finish your set. Keep track of how long you have been resting automatically using the handy rest timer. Building muscle at the gym, at home, or wherever you are will be more disciplined by keeping track of your workout rest times!

Track your fitness metrics, workout history, and gym progress automatically using the Trainfitness app. View breakdowns by muscle group, exercise, or time. Filter specific dates to see your progress, and understand how you are improving your bodybuilding or overall fitness.

Log your workouts on our social feed, share workouts with friends, and view the exercises your friends are doing. From beginner weight lifting to advanced strength training - you can see it all on the Train Fitness app.

Reach fitness goals faster whether that be weight lifting, bodybuilding, losing weight, or getting toned. We support exercises to hit biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back, legs, and core!

We are very serious about data. Train Fitness does not share your data with any third parties. All data is anonymized and never distributed. Period. Train Fitness uses HealthKit to export your Train Fitness activities into the Health app and to read heart rate and biometric data.

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