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Train And Skiing

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Train And Skiing

Train And Skiing - Conquer The Slope Pro is the combination of the most useful information for every mountain-skier - from the beginner to the pro level. A set of special exercises to prepare your body for the slope, to improve your technique on the slope and to finish your skiing properly! Learn the essential FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) rules to ski safely: all the Do and Don’ts on the slope! A list of Alpine Ski/ Snowboarding equipment reminds you to take all the necessary clothing and accessories to feel warm and safe.

Start with the «Off-slope» exercises. Continue on the slope and develop your skiing skills. Complete with the cool down exercises to relieve the muscle tension.

- Off-slope exercises
- Training on the slope
- Cool down set

- FIS rules for safe skiing

- A list of the necessary clothing and equipment to stay warm and healthy.

Still don’t like winter weather? Try Alpine Skiing and you’ll fall in love with the snow forever!
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