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Traffic Cameras Lite

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Traffic Cameras Lite

- For existing users, it is recommended to uninstall the app and reinstall the app in order to get the latest database update.

NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any web site. This app is developed based upon customized database, Transit API, Street Map View API, Foursquare API and Yelp services etc. The purpose of this API is to integrate a variety of services into your daily commute or your next trip.

For Apple Watch users, the Apple app must be launched first. When the Apple Watch app is launched, it will try to load the nearest camera image. If you would like to get the latest camera image again, click on the "Nearest Camera" button on the Apple watch to get the nearest camera latest image.

Please notice this app will need to update cameras from time to time in order to keep the information up to date. When you see "Updating Cameras..." message, wait a moment and you are ready to start to use this app.

Giving the fact this app displays many material at a time, it is recommend to use the latest devices for the best performance.

This app will only display 20% of the cameras for the selected region. The full app has more than 18000 camera locations for USA and Canada including:.
Alaska 45
Arizona 214
California 1045
Colorado 849
Connecticut 275
Dallas 326
DC 637
Delaware 148
Georgia 1118
Houston 765
Idaho 125
Illinois 285
Kentucky 169
Kansas 50
Louisiana 141
Maryland 353
Massachusetts 193
Miami 151
Michigan 256
Minnesota 610
Mississippi 168
Missouri 328
Nebraska 391
New Mexico 109
New Jersey 102
New York1122
New York City 329
North Carolina 662
Ohio 436
Oklahoma 125
Oregon 222
Pennsylvania 705
San Antonio 152
South Carolina 336
South Dakota 217
Tennessee 434
Virginia 829
Washington 991
Wisconsin 260
Wyoming 148
Vermont 28

This app also is designed for both local or outdoor search. When you are viewing in state level, state park, rest area and campground are on the map. Once you zoom in more, then more interesting and specific POIs will show up.

Offline support is built-in for the locations across US and Canada.
- Free version has limited features.
- Purchase the full version to remove Ads and enable full features.
- Full version has better algorithm to get the street view or map view.
- Fully integrated into POIs together. No need to search one at a time.
- Hide/display a specific POI by clicking a POI category on the right.

- When the app is launched, it will use your current location and display nearby POIs.
- Move the map around to find Starbucks.
- Click on an location to see the street map views (if applicable and free version has only one street map view). Click on the "Street map view button" to see full screen street map view.
- From the left sidebar, you can select a state. Then you can select a location from the right bar side (paid version only)
- Click on the marker info window or the "Navigation" button to start the navigation from your current location.
- Click on the "unlock" button for the in-app purchase.
Calvin Chen