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Traffic Blinker

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Traffic Blinker

When you turn to a street, you want to warn the other drivers on the road. This Apple Watch app shows the warning sign on your screen when you are going to turn left on that street. Thereby the Traffic Blinker app help to be more visible on the road! This app is a great safety tool for bikers, cyclists, step, electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboarders, hoverboards, three-wheelers, hoverboards, or even one-wheelers.

Bicycle Story:
When I ride from home to work (or school) on my bike, I want to be seen on the route (in the dark) and that other drivers know what I am going to do. One of the most dangerous traffic points is always turning into a street. This unique utility app helps you warn the other drivers. Before the intersection, I do my hand/arm signals out, and the Apple Watch automatically activates the screen. That shows the orange blinking arrow to the other drivers on the road.

The Apple Watch is the ideal tool to be bright, be safe, and be seen on the road. As of today, there are more than 9 million bicycle routes and around 1 billion bicycles in the world. That is a huge number. Where the Traffic Blinker app can help you to be seen on the road and safe, especially at night. It is designed and engineered as a simple concept, and it is. The Traffic Blinker app is a flashing safety light that makes you more noticeable. That is perfect if you are riding your bike after dark. When the screen is activated, the Retina LTPO OLED display of 1000 nits will flash the arrow pointer or your other chosen visualization on the screen.
And it includes an option to also hear and feel it when the screen is activated. That with the gentle taps from the Taptic Engine let you know the screen is activated with the rhythm of the blinking pointer.
Furthermore, it is the ultimate fitness app for your Apple watch. Together it will measure your health information such as your heart rate, active calories, time, and bicycle distance to your Apple Health app. This useful and premium Apple Watch app works on iOS, and WatchOS. So what are you waiting for? Get it Now!

How does this app work?
1. Open the Traffic Blinker app on your Apple Watch
2. Press the green button to start riding
3. When you want to go from the right to the left lane, stretch your left arm out
4. The Apple Watch activates the screen and displays the warning sign for the other drivers on the road
5. When you are on the left lane, you can move your hand back on the steering wheel from your bike
6. To stop the app, scroll to the bottom of this screen and press the red "Stop" button

Recommended action:
* For the best experience, you are required that the Always On feature must be enabled on your Apple Watch. That is available for Apple Watch Series 5 and higher.

Apple Watch features:
◆ Choose between a 'Full Screen', 'Blinking Arrow', 'Moving Arrow', 'Stop Sign', or 'Blocks from right to left' screen
◆ Track instantly your Workout in the Apple Health app as an outside bicycle activity
◆ Add real-time Workout information about the current time, heart rate, distance, and calories
◆ Customize the blinker color and speed animation
◆ Option to disable or enable the sound and vibration that provide you a gentle tap on your wrench, that for each blinking pulse
◆ Option to stop the app with the perimeter point
◆ Apple Watch complications to make the watch face more attached to quickly start the enjoyable and safe ride

Project information:

This is built by the developer of the most popular browser extension Turn Off the Lights. To learn more go to
Stefan Van Damme